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Rings of Care: Empowering Caregivers And Creating Supportive Communities

Anne Fraser and Niki Staab recently discussed an inspiring initiative, Rings of Care, a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting caregivers. The organization orchestrates a unique support system known as "rings of care," bringing together volunteers from various circles, including friends, family, co-workers, and the community.

Addressing Caregiver Challenges

Niki highlights the common struggles caregivers face in asking for help or specifying their needs. Rings of Care steps in to bridge this gap, efficiently organizing and matching volunteers with caregivers based on preferences and abilities.

Utilizing an Online Platform

The organization employs an online platform where caregivers can list their needs, and volunteers can sign up for tasks aligning with their comfort levels. This ranges from running errands and providing companionship to helping with household chores or even offering specific skills like plumbing. Niki emphasizes the significance of allowing volunteers to choose tasks they are comfortable with, fostering long-term commitments.

Extending Support Beyond Alzheimer's and Dementia

Rings of Care goes beyond supporting caregivers of individuals with Alzheimer's and dementia. The organization extends its assistance to various caregiving situations, including those dealing with domestic abuse, illnesses like cancer, or developmental disabilities in children. Niki introduces the "Ring Theory," illustrating how caregivers are at the center, surrounded by rings of support, showcasing the organization's ability to connect people willing to help.

Making a Positive Impact

Despite being in its early stages, Rings of Care has already made a positive impact. The organization successfully built a support network for an individual with dementia who lacked a caregiver. Rings of Care actively collaborates with churches and communities to expand its reach, providing assistance to those who might otherwise be isolated.

How to Support Rings of Care

To contribute to Rings of Care's mission, individuals can visit their website (Rings of Care KC), soon to be, and actively participate in creating a supportive community for caregivers.


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