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It is incredible how one small idea can

grow into something truly special.

The Night of Hope is rooted in the belief that we all have an inherent responsibility to make a meaningful difference in our community. With a variety of active projects and a large volunteer staff, we harness our skills and resources to successfully achieve our goal of Alzheimer's awareness.

Since our founding in 2021, we have been proud to witness how our activities have benefitted the 

Alzheimer's and Dementia community and beyond. 

Alzheimer's is a cruel disease that slowly steals our loved ones from us right before our very eyes. In the United States alone, right now it is estimated that 6.5 million people are living with this disease. 

That's One (1) in Nine (9) people age 65 or older which equals over 10% of the population.

Save the date for the third annual Night of Hope Gala scheduled for June 10, 2023.
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